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What does MonitorFlex do?

MonitorFlex is an offer for you, who have already signed a trade credit insurance at Tryg Garanti. MonitorFlex is relevant when you want to maintain the coverage of a debtor, who we would normally terminate due to deteriorated financial conditions.

When can I consider a MonitorFlex cover?

If one of your debtors’ financial situation develops in a negative way, it may be appropriate to consider a MonitorFlex coverage.

A negative development in a debtor’s financial situation will cause the coverage to be reduced or completely erased for future deliveries.

If the customer is important to you and you wish to maintain the coverage, we may in some cases offer to do this for additional payment under the MonitorFlex scheme.

How do I apply for a MonitorFlex insurance?

You need to contact us either through this contact form or by calling us. You can find our phone number here. We will then assess whether we can maintain the coverage and if so, at what price. In some cases, continued coverage may be subject to reduced coverage.

If you agree to our offer, we charge the premium for the MonitorFlex coverage separately and quarterly in advance. The prize is calculated on the basis of the cover amount.

The fine print

However, if your customer’s situation is further aggravated, we still reserve the right to delete the coverage.This happens even if you have previously received a MonitorFlex coverage on the customer. There will be a 5-day notice, so you’ll have time to find alternative solutions. Alternatively agree to get out of the collaboration with the customer. Tryg Garanti will, of course, reimburses too much premium in these cases.

In conclusion, MonitorFlex allows for smoother collaboration with customers. Even in times when the economy can be strained.

For more information about MonitorFlex, contact your current customer manager.